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Messian Dread - Man From Galilee (Discomix) (2007 Net Maxi Single)

Published January 15, 2007

Five minutes and five seconds of solid spiritual Roots Music, in a one drop style. Full lyrical track with lead and backing vocals, followed by it's DUB version.

The riddim is the same as the Messian Dread track 2006 - A DUB ODYSSEY, from the album "Apocalypse Then" which can also be downloaded for free.

And: "The Message Is In The Music".

Run time 5:05



(JAH JAH love ya) Mi bredrin
(JAH JAH love ya) Mi sistren
So why don't you love Him back instead
(JAH JAH love ya) Come see it
(JAH JAH love ya) Come feel it
He is the One Who came for us all
(JAH JAH love ya) Mi friend
(JAH JAH love ya) Enemy too
Come let us bow down before His throne
(JAH JAH love ya) Come hear it
(JAH JAH love ya) Come near it
There's no more pain, there's no more war
(JAH JAH love ya) From Zion
(JAH JAH love ya) Come Zion
The Lion of Judah shall break every chain
(JAH JAH love ya) Yeah, Lion
(JAH JAH love ya) From Zion
You gave us the vicktry again and again
(JAH JAH love ya) No worry
(JAH JAH love ya) No hurry
They who believe do not race this race
(JAH JAH love ya) With teachings
(JAH JAH love ya) With true things
Trust in the Man from Galilee


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Source: Blaminack, Messian Dread